Scientific tours

Dr. Roberto Cazzolla Gatti will guide you during scientific tours in some of the most amazing and wild places on Earth. Choose your favorite destination between the high mountains of Siberia and the tropical forests of Africa and book now your unforgettable experience:

Summer Tour: Altai Mountains (Siberia, Russia)

cv0a2255When: July 2017, 8-22 (provisional dates, ≈ 2 weeks) – 2017 summer booking closes April, 30

Where: Aktru Glacier Station, Altai Mountains, Tomsk city, Katun river and Chuya Highwaycv0a1785

cv0a2002What: I will guide you during hiking, geological and ecological excursions, palaeontology and ethnic experiences, wildlife photo-workshops, scientific summer school with international students, rafting, scientific field activities, scientific lectures and seminars (in English) on ecology, biology, geology, hydrology, etc.

Why: Aktru is one of the best glaciers in Altai and these mountains are some of the most wonderful in the World. The place is the habitat of the rare snow leopard. The station is located at 2150 m a.s.l. After a visit to the unique wooden house of Tomsk, excursions will cross different landscapes, such as south taiga, sub-taiga, forest-step, step, mountain taiga, mountain snow-leopard-620556_960_720meadow, mountain tundra, glacial and periglacial areas. Participants will observe different geographical provinces, such as West-Siberian Plain, Piedmont Altai, North Altai, High Central Altai and High South-East Altai. All this will provide an opportunity to become acquainted with a great variety of landscapes, different types of reliefs and paleogeographical relics, well-expressed geological structures and evidence of earthquakes, amazing biodiversity in wild ecosystems, unique archaeological objects and the dynamic variety of nomadic populations.

cv0a2261Who: every fit person (age 18+)

In collaboration with: Tomsk State University, Tomsk, Russia

Cost: €950 (all included in the program apart from flights to Tomsk) – for groups of (minimum 5) university’s students and teachers €650/person (all included apart from flights to Tomsk)

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Winter Tour: Kongou Falls and Tropical forests (Gabon, Africa)


© Roberto Cazzolla Gatti

When: January 2018, 9-23 (provisional dates, ≈ 2 weeks) – 2018 winter booking closes September, 30

cv0a3148Where: Kongou falls and Tropical forests, Ivindo National Park, Gabon, Africa

What: I will guide you during pirogue rafting, field excursions, wildlife spotting (monkeys, elephants, etc.), birdwatching, tropical botanical trips, camping, wildlife photo-workshops, scientific winter school with international students, field research activities, scientific lectures and seminars (in English) on tropical forest ecology, biodiversity, botany and zoology, etc.

Why: you will have the exceptional opportunity to live in a tropical forest. After arriving in Libreville where you can take a cv0a3069bath in the Atlantic Ocean, a bus will drive us to the city of Makokou. Then we will have a short drive to the village of Loa Loa where our journey to the heart of Ivindo National Park (3000 square kilometres) starts by pirogue (a slender boat made from a hollowed out tree) to the Kongou falls along the Ivindo River. The Ivindo River flows lazily through a dense primary rainforest. Groups of islets, a wide diversity of forest environments and the squawking of African grey parrots overhead highlight this journey along one of Africa’s last uninhabited grand rivers. During the easy rafting, the possibility to spots buffaloes, elephants and eagles are high. Then we will arrive at Kongou falls before cv0a3101sunset. The waterfalls, with their dozens of chutes and bubbling white water, spread out over of a hundred acres, are among the most beautiful and impressive on the continent. Meals and accommodation will be at the Kongou Camp. Located close to the falls, the camp offers the rare opportunity to experience nights alone with the smells, sounds, sights and senses of the tropical rain forest. The camp has tropical-style beds and a restaurant offering Gabonese food. Common showers and toilets are at the disposal of guests. During the day we will have zoological and botanical field excursions, animal spotting and birdwatching in the surrounding tropical forests. Leopards, mandrills, spot-nose monkeys, elephants, pangolins, anteaters, etc. inhabits the forest and we will have high probabilities of spotting them. During the evening lectures and seminars will introduce you to tropical forest ecology and science. Tcv0a2920hen, a 2 days field trip will conduct us through a dense pristine rainforest inhabited by elephants, gorillas and chimpanzees to the Djidji river. In its calm waters giant otters, false gharials, pythons, iguanas, kingfishers, etc. lives. We will camp there for 3 night in tents and experience the nocturnal unique sounds of tropical forests. A pirogue rafting will eventually bring us back to Makokou. Before leaving Libreville we could visit giant turtle nests along the seaside or (only for summer tours) the humpback whales’ migration.

cv0a3588Who: every fit person (age 18+)

In collaboration with: Thrust the forest ONG and Fondation Internationale Gabon Eco-tourisme (FIGET)

Cost: ≈ €1950 (all included in the program apart from flights to Libreville) – for groups of (minimum 5) university’s students and teachers ≈ €1650/person (all included apart from flights to Libreville)

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