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If the Hirsch index (H-index) of Kary Mullis is ~20 despite he won a Nobel Prize publishing just 26 peer-reviewed papers during his whole career, another Nobel Laureate such as Konrad Lorenz published 21 peer-reviewed papers and scores a H-index of ~11, the famous biologist William D. Hamilton has a H-index of ~25 having published 36 peer-reviewed papers during his life, the well-known ecologist Eugene Odum gets H=~20 with 56 papers, the mathematician John Nash was awarded by the Nobel Prize for his single-page first-published paper (out of a total of 20 peer-reviewed articles) and, toghether with other two pure genius like Darwin and Pasteur, would have a H-index lower than 7…


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  • Cazzolla Gatti R., Dudko A., Fabbio L., Velichevskaya A., Notarnicola C., The smokescreen of Russian protected areas, under review, 2020
  • Cazzolla Gatti R., Ugarkovic P., Tiralongo F., New evidence of a fish-bird interspecific feeding association between the European seabass and the European shag in the Mediterranean Sea, under review, 2020
  • Callaghan T., Cazzolla Gatti R., Phoenix G., Stability of Arctic vegetation: an ecological anchor hidden by greening and browning trends, under review, 2020
  • Turcios-Casco M.A., Ávila-Palma H.D., Soler Orellana J.A., Ordoñez Trejo E.J., Ordoñez Mazier D.I., Cazzolla Gatti R.An eco-physiological study of the thermoregulation of mist netted bats (Chiroptera) in Honduras, in preparation, 2020
  • Turcios-Casco M.A., De Sales Dambros C., Franzoi Dri Gabriela, Caceres N., Stevens R., Cazzolla Gatti R., Not too high or too low! Elevations influence the taxonomical and functional diversity of nose-leaf bats (Chiroptera: Phyllostomidae) in Honduras, in preparation, 2020
  • Cazzolla Gatti R., Velichevksaya A., Taranto’s long shadow? Cancer mortality shows alarming peaks for specific types in the most polluted city of Italy but also in surrounding towns, under review, 2020
  • Ota A., Liang J., Katzner T., Stoleson S., de-Miguel S., Müller J., Cazzolla Gatti R., Titeux N., McKenney D.W., Paquette A., Chen H. Y., Current and future distribution of wood-warblers in North America under changes in climate and tree species diversity, in preparation, 2020
  • Turcios-Casco M.A., Velichevskaya A., Cazzolla Gatti R., Long-term population trends of Siberian bird species hidden in the Russian scientific literature, in preparation, 2020
  • Cazzolla Gatti R. et al., The number of tree species on Earth, in preparation, 2020

PUBLISHED (2006-2021):


  • Cazzolla Gatti R. et al., Diversity lost: COVID-19 as a phenomenon of the total environment, Science of The Total Environment, 756: 144014, 2021 LINK [PEER-REVIEWED ARTICLE]
  • Cazzolla Gatti R., Velichevskaya A., Gottesman B., Devis K., Grey wolf shows signs of self-consciousness with the sniff-test of self-recognition (STSR), Ethology, Ecology and Evolution, 2021 LINK DOI: 10.1080/03949370.2020.1846628 [PEER-REVIEWED ARTICLE]
  • Cazzolla Gatti R., A multi-armed bandit algorithm speeds up the evolution of cooperation, Ecological Modelling, 439, 109348, 2021 LINK | DOWNLOAD [PEER-REVIEWED ARTICLE]


  • Turcios-Casco M.A., Cazzolla Gatti R., Do not blame bats and pangolins! Global consequences for wildlife conservation after the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, Biodiversity and Conservation, 29, 3829–3833, 2020 LINK [PEER-REVIEWED ARTICLE]
  • Cazzolla Gatti R., Velichevskaya A., Tateo A., Amoroso, A., & Monaco A., Machine learning reveals that prolonged exposure to air pollution is associated with SARS-CoV-2 mortality and infectivity in Italy. Environmental Pollution, 115471, 2020 LINK | DOWNLOAD [PEER-REVIEWED ARTICLE]
  • Cazzolla Gatti R., Velichevksaya A., Certified “sustainable” palm oil took the place of endangered Bornean and Sumatran big mammals habitat and tropical forests in the last 30 years, Science of The Total Environment, 742, 140712, 2020 LINK | DOWNLOAD [PEER-REVIEWED ARTICLE]
  • Cazzolla Gatti R., The pangolin’s revenge: SARS-CoV-2 did not emerge from a lab but from wildlife exploitation, GAIA: Ecological Perspectives for Science and Society, 29(2), 79-82, 2020 LINK | DOWNLOAD [PEER-REVIEWED ARTICLE]
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  • Chapungu L., Nhamo L., Cazzolla Gatti R., Estimating biomass of savanna grasslands as a proxy of carbon stock using multispectral remote sensing, Remote Sensing Applications: Society and Environment, 17, 100275, 2020 LINK [PEER-REVIEWED ARTICLE]
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